Friday, June 8, 2007

Time to get bikini-ready for summer

Let's face it, the countdown has begun. Pretty soon, most of us will have to strip down to our skimpy Vix bikinis and bare our bodies to a world of scrutiny. I don't know about you, but my body is definitely not bikini ready. It's time that we cautiously step away from the tempting package of Oreo's and get serious about this whole diet thing, which I tend not to do so well at. While those entertaining-yet-trashy gossip magazines are filled with trendy diets that "all the stars use" - but they are just that, a trend. Those fad diets may shed the pounds quickly, but they have no stability. The second you go back to eating a regular diet - BOOM - love handles and thunder thighs galore. Here is something that works:


This is a fantastic website that allows you to track your goals, progress, food intake, and workouts. It can also supply you with meal plans and exciting recipes if you aren't all that creative. Over all, Spark People stresses a healthy lifestyle, which you can achieve by, uh, working out and eating healthly. Wow, that's a hard one to figure out.

So check it out! Even if you don't want to lost weight, it's great for maintaing and supremely inspirational!
I better not see any of you in a one piece this summer!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Holly's Cat

Holly's Cat is a new, fabulous blog with an anonymous (gasp - what a cliché) author. This author sporadically posts blogs about arbitrary matters - that you are absolutely dying to read. You know you love it.